The wealth of stories and performance achievements that live on the pages of this website underscore Timberland’s constant pursuit of both bottom-line business value and social justice. Our commitment to sustainability dates back nearly 40 years and continues today, a core belief that business can create positive impact in the world.

Our initiatives have proven that corporate responsibility doesn’t need to be an add-on, but instead can be a powerful competitive advantage. We have saved money by reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions and are creating top line growth by meeting consumers’ growing desire for eco-friendly products. We also recognize our responsibility for preserving the outdoors we need for our industry to thrive.



Timberland’s corporate responsibility leadership was one of the drivers in the company’s acquisition by VF Corporation in 2011. When a $9 billion apparel and footwear powerhouse is attracted to a brand (in part) due to its innovative approach to sustainability, you know there’s business value.

As the newest member of VF Corporation, Timberland brings expertise and insight about protecting the outdoors, innovating products, improving workers’ lives and engaging in community service that the other VF brands are learning from and leveraging to make their own organizations more sustainable. In return, we have opportunity to scale our corporate responsibility practice in a more powerful way.

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility over the last 40 years has come straight from the top, and I’ll continue to support and champion sustainable business practices in my new role. Where we’ve been and where we’re going do have one important commonality: both Timberland’s past and future are fueled by a desire to innovate and operate our business in an accountable, responsible and sustainable manner. This brand hasn’t yet reached its full potential, but we’re on our way.

Stewart Whitney
President, Timberland LLC

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